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It took me a long, long time to realize we are not meant to be perfect , we’re meant to be whole. — Jane Fonda

Hi , I’m Rakshita and I’m a digital artist and 2d animator and I my job. I started making art as a way to express myself and vent. It started with writing and slowly evolved into more visual forms of expression like drawing, animation , film and graphic novels. I am a college dropout and I am an expert at failing. I have tried my hand at so many things right from filmmaking to accounting, cooking and even coding. I wasn’t horrible but doing all of that did not complete me. When I decided to quit everything and pursue digital art and animation full time, my whole world lit up and I don’t ever ever want to stop. I only aspire to keep growing as an artist , express my thoughts in the most honest way possible and keep trying to put my work out there for the world to see.

As a woman, I have struggled a lot with eating disorders and slut shaming. I have been called fat , ugly, whore , too much , too boring and so many ridiculous things by both men and women. I have never called a man ugly or a whore ever in my life and do not know any women who even do that. I feel like there is so much emphasis on a woman’s outer appearance that most women fail to ever see their own inner beauty if they do not fit into a certain beauty standard while men are thriving out there without a care in the world about how they look. This is probably why we have more male billionaires in the world then women. I know there are more reasons than that like unequal pay, misogyny , sexual harassment at work places , systemic oppression and so much more but I think that the reason behind this is that women over the years have given men too much power to dictate how a women should be. We wouldn’t make such shitty rules for ourselves.

My collection is about the journey of a woman and her status in society from the Stone Age till the year 2050. During the Stone Age women were worshipped. Most of the Gods men worshipped then were full bodied women with thick bodies. They considered a woman who was strong and had big bodies to be perfect for protecting their children and for childbirth. Over the years as more women surrendered their power to men , these beauty standards started becoming more and more ridiculous and oppressive towards women.

The idea for this collection came when I saw a young beautiful girl on YouTube crying in front of her trainer and apologizing for having eaten too much on Thanksgiving. That video made me cry because I was that girl not very long ago. We all know a lot of women who are genuinely afraid of eating too much. No one should have such a toxic relationship with their own bodies and food.

This collection is titled “ The Perfect Woman” to show that there is no perfect woman, it’s just some weird obsession we have now because long long ago some stupid people decided to fetishize the female body and shame women who weren’t up to the mark to their worthless fantasies.

This collection is made up of 25 pieces and I will be dropping 5 of them every weekend starting tomorrow. I hope you like my collection and the story behind it. I aim to make women more self aware about the inner beauty and power we hold within ourselves. The world would be a much better place with more women on top.

PS : Please follow my instagram and twitter for more updates on the collection and the drop.



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Rakshita Philip

I’m just a little girl trying to make art that can move mountains.